Power generation from PV panels is adversely affected by soiling and dust buildup. Research suggests that more than 30% of power is lost if the PV panels are not cleaned regularly. The MAKCLEANER I unique design offers efficient and effective cleaning to ensure your panels produce optimum power every day. It delivers higher energy production at lower operating costs for PV plant owners, with maximized ROI.

The MAKCLEANER I is suitable for cleaning PV plants ranging from a few hundred KW to MW scale. It is modular in design to suit various cleaning widths as per your field layout. Designed for on-the-field and easy maintenance.

Automatic timer operated cleaning system.
Water cleaning system with strip brushes which do not
affect the surface of the photovoltaic panels.
Uses high quality brushless motors.
Hybrid PV-battery power system.
Increased reliability and using only high-quality components.
Cleaning speed of machine 9.4 meter/min.
Travel distance, up to 100 m.

Keeping Your Panel Safe

Micro scratches of the ARC coating occur both in manual and mechanical solutions. MAKCLEANER’S solution enables daily cleaning with close to zero harm to the panels over the lifetime of the project. Combining the removal of heavy soiling particles by touch-free powerful wind gust, followed by fine microfiber wipes to remove remaining particles results in the safest and gentlest dry-cleaning method.

MAKCLEANER’S robot was tested by the world leading independent laboratory of PI Berlin under rigorous test protocol simulating 20 years of cleaning and achieved unmatched results for panel protection showing no influence on panels’ performance and no glass damage. Making the MAKCLEANER solution fully acceptable by banks and financial institutions.